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University of California, Los Angeles

Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Science

301 Hospital of Beijing

Center for Healthy Aging and Development Studies, Peking University


Expertise: Extraction, isolation and combination of active ingredient from medical plants and natural herb medicine

Platform technology: Controlled Release, Post Absorption/Metabolism Drug (PAMD)

Database: Chinese Herb R&D database and United States Pharmacopeia (USP)

Advisory Board

The Natural Source Advisory Board plays a critical role in our continuing update on the latest scientific findings in herb medicine as well as providing expert opinions on the formulation and development of new herbal and nutrition supplement products.

William Jia, PhD

Senior Scientist, Department of Experimental Therapeutics
Associate Professor, Surgery, UBC
Associate Member, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, UBC
Associate Member, Opthalmology, UBC

Dr. Jia had his PhD in 1991 at University of British Columbia (UBC) in molecular neurosciences. He has been an associate professor since 1999 at UBC and an associate scientist of BC Cancer Research Centre. He has been a conjunct professor of Fudan University, Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry and the VP (research) for Shanghai Innovative Research Centre of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SIRC-TCM).

In the past years, Dr. Jia has received many awards and research funds. Since 1997, he has been a Scholar of Canadian Institute of Health Research. He was received Petro Canada Young Inventors award in 2007.

Steve Hanson

Steve Hanson provides the leadership for GRIP IDEAS. With nearly 20 years of successful marketing and management experience, Steve has worked with entrepreneurial start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Steve’s exuberance, ingenuity and pragmatic approach has helped build several $100 million global brands and contributed to the better health of millions.

Steve has had hands-on experience in developing successful international brands, traveled extensively and worked in establishing profitable businesses in a number of countries. Steve’s international expertise has assisted many of the nutrition industry’s leading companies.

At Natural Source, ancient traditional Chinese medicine recipes that withstood thousands of years of examination are the starting point for every product we make. But not every recipe is suitable for our products. Whether from published research or studies with our partners, we only deliver herbal and dietary supplements that are proven to be safe and beneficial to our consumers. This means we consider both the documented historical usage and the scientific basis for each recipe well before it is developed, processed to product and put on the shelf.

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