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Established in 2006, Natural Source International, Ltd. is dedicated to create high quality herbal and dietary supplements that support and promote human health. All our products are research-based and scientifically formulated to help people boost and maintain a high quality of life.

All our products are made in America and supported by rigorous scientific research as well as traditional Chinese herb recipes that are proven effective over thousand years of wide applications. The high quality and safety standards during the development and manufacturing process ensure us to deliver safe and healthy formulas.

Over the past 9 years, Natural Source International, Inc. has strived for innovative research in order to bring the consumer the best nature can offer. Our latest products include Transage line anti-age products and Natural 5 Element herbal supplements. By maintaining rigorous quality control standards, and responsible business practices, Natural Source International, Inc. continues to experience outstanding growth and an ever expanding, loyal customer base and bring your healthy living ideas to life!

Safety And Quality

Since the foundation of Natural Source, we believe that it is our responsibility in delivering the best quality and safe products to our customers. From ingredient sourcing, to meticulous manufacturing procedures, to thorough quality control via third-party verification, the pursuit of quality has become an obsession.

The path to high quality products at Natural Source begins long before reaching our warehouses. We only collaborate with the highest quality suppliers that have clean and compliant facilities. We also require out suppliers to provide Certificate of Analysis (COA) and other supporting documents such as allergen report, MSDS and GMO statement for the identity and quality of the ingredients we purchase.

From the moment ingredients reach our US-based manufacturing facilities, we are dedicated to the most demanding safety and quality standards in the herbal supplement industry. When the ingredients arrive, we first test their identity and purity, and we continue our verification at every stage of the product development to ensure we deliver the highest quality herbal supplements possible. As ingredients are weighed, extracted, purified, blended, lyophilized and encapsulated, and finally packaged as different products, we inspect at each step for quality aurance.

Third-Party Verification 
Though we are enormously proud of our quality, verification by independent, experienced experts guarantees that our commitment to safety and quality is more than words. Using analytical techniques like high performance liquid chromatography and mass spectrophotometry, all our products have been routinely sent to several leading testing laboratories and rigorously tested for their main content as well as residual heavy metal, pesticide, solvent and microorganisms levels under the most stringent industry standards.

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